Home Run Damage Report, 2013 Week 4

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Least Damaging: Matt Holliday, -5.48

Fastest off the Bat: Bryce Harper, 117.1 mph, 4.00 HRD

Slowest off the Bat: Fernando Martinez, 92.3 mph, -4.73 HRD

Most Towering: Chris Carter, 144 feet, 0.40 HRD

Most Line Drive: Matt Carpenter, 51 feet, 1.31 HRD

Closest to straight center: Alex Gordon, 90.1 degree exit angle, 3.14 HRD

Walk-off: Mark Trumbo, 4/21/13, 1.55 HRD, Howie Kendrick, 4/23/13, 0.72 HRD, and Jordany Valdespin, 4/24/13, -2.90 HRD

First Career Home Run: Wade Miley, 1.43 HRD, Leonys Martin, 1.24 HRD, and Oswaldo Arcia, 0.02 HRD.

Data from ESPN Home Run Tracker

For an introduction to Home Run Damage along with a list of all 2013 home runs, read this page:


This report covers games from Friday, April 19th through Thursday, April 25th.

*I changed Home Run Damage to calculate using the Standard Distance instead of the True Distance. You can read about the difference between the two in the Home Run Tracker glossary.

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*Original image from: http://www.mrlikeordislike.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Head-Collapse-American-Pasttime-e1328227982813.png   Photoshopped image: Earl Nash



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