Just Ask Earl: Keep Those Questions Coming

Since Senior Staff Writer Earl Nash kicked off his Just Ask Earl column three weeks ago Red Sox fans have been enlightened and entertained by Earl’s knowledge of the game, humor and passion for research.

A certified baseball junkie, Earl will answer any and all questions relating to baseball: rating prospects, fantasy trade advice, baseball cards, history, pitching techniques, strategy, rules, Red Sox issues, HOF candidates, MLB policies–you name it. If you can think it up, Earl will answer your questions.

Recently Earl has answered questions on the efficacy of instant replay, why people say Xander Bogaerts should move to third and Middlebrooks to first, the finer point of the hit and run, what Boston needs to do to ensure a playoff berth and how baseball and apple pie became assimilated into popular American culture.

Come on Sox fans. Put Earl’s research skills to the test. Send your questions to  [email protected] and Earl will publish the questions and answers on the Bosox Injection site, ensuring that you get your 15 minutes of fame.

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