Feb 25, 2012; Fort Myers FL, USA; Boston Red Sox president chief executive officer Larry Lucchino holds a press conference prior to spring training at JetBlue Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Is Lucchino behind the "must have Farrell" scenario to maintain control?

Last time the Sox pretended to search for a new manager, it was a disingenuous kabuki show, where “Running Larry” Lucchino let it appear that the Red Sox were genuinely conducting an honest, open search, while, all the while, he knew who he would force into the manager’s position.

Are we looking at a re-run of that scenario?  Is “Running Larry”—the man who “runs” the Red Sox, when the team is a winner and “running” from the blame, when it is losing—putting on a false appearance of candor again?

Last time he let candidates believe that they had a shot at the job, while he knew that he had already decided that his pal Bobby Valentine would get it.

Is Lucchino the one who is pushing for former Red Sox pitching coach, John Farrell, to get the job this time, because he believes that Farrell will do his bidding?

Hiring an outsider, a manager, who has not proven he will conform to the Lucchino doctrine, would represent a risk to the President/CEO, who “runs the Red Sox.” 

What if Ausmus is not willing to kowtow to Larry? 

What if Pena has his own managerial style that is not compatible with Lucchino’s?

What if the Sox hired Joe Torre and Joe tells Larry to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut?

No, Larry wants a puppet in the dugout to match his GM and his gullible marionette owner, because Larry believes that he is running the team.

Since Owner John Henry announced in October, 2011: “Larry Lucchino runs the Red Sox.’’ he hasn’t announced a change–why shouldn’t he? 

So, during the interview farce, while Ben was going through the motions with candidates, Larry was on the phone with Alex Anthopoulos, Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations and General Manager working out a deal that would allow Larry to sign his former 5-year employee, John Farrell.  In this way he can be sure that the new manager is someone he can control.

Lucchino has even manipulated the media to create a drama in which the team must have John Farrell; even though he has only managed a losing record in Toronto, 154-170.

If we believe that story line, then Lucchino can be the hero, by working out a deal to send a player, or two, to Toronto for the right to sign Farrell.

Is Larry Lucchino’s ego so big that it has convinced him that, although he just fired the man he picked to manage the team, he is certain that he is the man who should choose the next manager?




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