Poll Results: Red Sox Nation Split on Bobby Valentine's Future

It has been a topic of heated debate for most of the 2012 season; should the Red Sox fire Bobby Valentine?  There have been highs that made Bobby look ingenious and there have been many, many lows that have all but called for the firing of Bobby.  There have been more lows and head scratching moves that had Red Sox Nation up in arms as to why the Sox brass are hanging on to this guy.  But over time the players were deemed to be held more accountable for the team’s unacceptable play on the field and underachieving record in the standings, so we asked you the readers if you thought the Red Sox should fire Bobby Valentine.

The results are in and it’s a lot closer than I thought it would be.  A total of 570 votes were cast and 52% (298 votes) were in favor of firing Bobby Valentine.  Call it a split if you will.

These results make sense as it seems anytime you talk to one Sox fan who wants Bobby gone, the next says it’s not his fault and he should not be fired.

This September will have a different feel than last year given the Sox are out of the postseason hunt and all eyes will turn to the offseason moves that the club should make.  Guaranteed to be discussed is Bobby’s future.

Personally, I don’t think Bobby will be around next year.  Is he the problem for this embarrassing season?  Not entirely, but I don’t think he was the solution to the underlying issues that he inherited when he took over Terry Francona’s office.

As always, thanks to everyone who voted and be sure to check out our latest poll where we ask you to grade Ben Cherington’s bold trade with the Dodgers.  Early results show a landslide in favor of “pass – it had to be done.”

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