Bobby Valentine Lost Red Sox Clubhouse With Youkilis Stink Bomb

One of the biggest concerns when Bobby Valentine was hired to manage the Boston Red Sox was his demeaning behavior to call out players through the media.  He did it in New York and it created a riff between him and the players.  He has now done it in Boston and it appears as though he’s on the verge of losing the clubhouse, which is the kiss of death for any manager in any sport.

Bobby V called out Kevin Youkilis stating he doesn’t appear to be as into the game physically or emotionally as he has in the past.  What the…….? Youk is one of the hardest working players on the Sox and has been for years, just ask any teammate.  Sure he has issues that rub some teammates the wrong way, but Youk plays the game the right way.

Dustin Pedroia, who came to the defense of Youkilis doesn’t appear to be impressed with Valentine, even taking a shot at him about his antics, courtesy of the Boston Globe.

“I don’t know what Bobby’s trying to do, but that’s not the way we do things here,” said Pedroia. “Maybe that stuff works in Japan.”

Just when this team gets things rolling by winning three straight over the talented Tampa Bay Rays, Bobby V throws cold water on a hot Red Sox team.  What is his method to his madness here?

A trade could be in the works as Youkilis has already met with general manager Ben Cherington, although nothing has been reported from the meeting.  Youk is not in the lineup due to what is being called a sore groing, hmmmm.

Regardless, what Bobby has done is throw a huge stink bomb into the Sox clubhouse and may have lost the respect and trust of every player in there.  Valentine apologized to Youk through a press conference on Monday, stating he was misunderstood with what he was trying to say.  Bobby, the point has been made and the damage has been done.

For the other 24 players in the clubhouse, how do you show up at the ballpark wondering if you’re the next one to get thrown under the bus by your manager.  Rather than focusing on the game at hand, the Sox players are now likely to have to worry about what their manager is saying to the media, another distraction for a team that was just getting over the ugly cloud of last season’s collapse.

There is a positive out of all of this.  Maybe this will finally put the whole beer and chicken scandal in the rear view mirror as we now have this to dwell on.

I would be surprised if the Red Sox won today given what the mood must be like in the Sox clubhouse.  Real nice Bobby, real nice.

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  • cpasitesolutions

    Seriously.  Not cool.  We saw what happened last year when there wasn’t any team camaraderie and tension between players.  Red Sox nation will not be happy if Youk leaves because of this.  I was just starting to wonder if maybe I was wrong about our season with the 3-game sweep over the weekend.  Now I’ll wonder if the team will even care about pleasing their manager.  Do it for the fans, guys, do it for the fans!

  • Derek Stykalo

     @cpasitesolutions I couldn’t agree more.  As I said, if you were a player how do you go out and play your fanny off for a guy who could throw you to the wolves at any given moment.  I thought Bobby had learnt his lesson, but I guess not.  You think Pedroia misses Tito? 

  • cpasitesolutions

    In high school, the primary role of the coach (“manager”) was to encourage us and to teach us.  There’s no reason that shouldn’t apply in the majors too!  I was under the impression we hired Bobby Valentine because he wasn’t going to put up with BS, but now he seems like the one dishing OUT the BS!

  • Derek Stykalo

     @cpasitesolutions I was ok with Bobby beaking the Yankees and running his mouth from that perspective.  I thought it helped spark the rivalry that has fizzled a little over the past few years.  But to upset the clubhouse the way he did by going after his own player is unacceptable.  Ozzie Guillen doesn’t think before he talks and clearly neither does Bobby. 


    With the team now being 0-5 since Valentine ran his mouth, ownership should really consider firing him. Maybe Henry and Werner can buy out Lucchino and bring Tito back.

  • Derek Stykalo

    @JLFCASH Why he opened his mouth after the club reeled off 3 in a row is beyond me. The way I see it he has one game left to save his bacon. I do like your idea of buying out Lucchino.


     @Derek Stykalo  The guy has been more like salt on an open wound rather than a healing remedy (which really isn’t surprising given his track record). The fact that he’s going to be doing multiple talk shows has to give most of us the impression that he’s a guy that just wants to hear himself talk rather than be 100% focused on doing his job as manager. Cherington supposedly said he still has full-confidence in Valentine, but I really doubt he means it.
    Which brings us to Lucchino. I believe the positive stuff that’s said about him too. But the noise about the negatives about him keep getting louder and louder. He oversteps his boundaries and won’t let certain people beneath him do their job (ie: the GM). Just as the FO needs to step back and allow the manager to do his job in writing the lineup card, the upper management must allow the GM to do his job in assembling a team and coaching staff. Cherington wasn’t allowed to do that. If Lucchino has a problem with not overstepping his boundaries, it’s time for him to go.
    I guess Youk (and his .190 average) has a left quad contusion. Maybe they put him on the DL and call up Middlebrooks. The kid has a 1.148 OPS with seven homers right now. You have to reward that at some point.