Introducing the BSI DogHouse: First Nominee - Grady Little


Starting in 2012, BoSox Injection has added a new page to the site’s homescreen; the BSI DogHouse.  It is a place where you the readers and members of Red Sox Nation can help determine who of the former Red Sox players and managers should be enshrined into this pitiful palace based on their actions on or off the field that we deem to be inappropriate or underachieving.

The way the DogHouse works is really quite simple.  Once a month I will put up a new candidate, explain why I feel they should be put in the DogHouse and then it’s up to you the readers.  Voting will determine if that particular player/manager is inducted into the hall of shame so to speak.  The majority rules and the poll will remain open for one week.

You too can nominate candidates.  Feel free to email me with your pick on who you feel should be sentenced to the DogHouse with an explanation why.  The BSI staff will then turn it over to you the readers, present you with the facts and arguments and then open the polls.  Nominations are open to any current or former player or manager.

With that, here is the first nominee for the BSI DogHouse:

Grady Little – former Red Sox manager from 2002-2003

Little became the Red Sox manager in March of 2002 and would guide the club to a 93 win season.  Despite a respectable number of wins, the Sox were still 10.5 games behind the AL East champions, New York Yankees and missed the postseason.  In 2003, Little would once again lead the club to a respectable 95 wins, but again it was a second place showing in the division.  However, this year the Red Sox 95 wins would be enough to win the AL Wild Card.

After winning three straight over the Oakland A’s to win the ALDS three games to two, the Red Sox met the hated Yankees in the ALCS and it is here that we have the reasoning for Little’s nomination.

Who could forget that game 7 of the ALCS in 2003.  The Red Sox held a 5-2 lead heading into the 8th inning and it was then that Little decided to leave Pedro Martinez in the game.  Despite Martinez throwing over 115 pitches to that point, Little stuck with his best pitcher.  Perhaps Little didn’t know that opponent’s were hitting .363 off Martinez when he’s thrown 105 pitches or more.  Hmm, maybe you should’ve paid attention a little CLOSER Grady!

We all know how the game ended thanks to Aaron F’n Boone.  But no one blames Wakefield for surrendering the homer. No way Jose, that was Grady Little’s mess and the game should never have gone to extra innings.  But that’s the past and I’m venturing down an ugly path so I’ll right the ship now.  Little was to blame and he payed for it by being fired two days after the World Series.  A small amount of retribution, but satisfying none the less.  Now, I ask you the jury to find him deserving of a spot in the BSI DogHouse.

So there you have my reasoning for nominating Grady Little to become a member of the BSI DogHouse.  I now rest my case and turn it over to you the jury.

Should Grady Little be in the BSI DogHouse?

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