The Hammer is about to come down on Josh Beckett

What do you think is going on in Josh Beckett’s head this morning as he wakes up to the news of the Sox hiring of Bobby Valentine?  Is there any question that one of the requirements for Bobby V. is to put Beckett in his place from the get go?  Beckett seems to be the ultimate culprit of the September collapse and he is about to find out that there is a new sheriff in town and he is going to come out with guns blazing.  Bobby V. has never been shy to call a player out in front of the media and his teammates.  I can only imagine Beckett has been in the Tim Tebow praying position ever since Bobby V’s name came up in the managerial search. 

Beckett has no one but himself to blame for this predicament.  He was the ring leader of the beer guzzling, fried chicken eating band of merry men.  Welcome to reality Josh, your days of leading teammates down the wrong path just came to an abrupt halt.  Isn’t Bobby V. exactly what Larry Lucchino was looking for?  A person with a history of being volatile with his players.  A manger with a take no prisoners approach.  I still think Theo was behind the whole; let’s find us an inexperienced manager to fill Francona’s slot theory.  It never made sense.  This is a team of veterans who are headstrong and beat to their own drums.  We all thought Jason Varitek had the respect from the players in the clubhouse but that wasn’t the case at all.  I for one never thought Dale Sveum was the answer for this team and thankfully so did the Red Sox ownership.  Yes, poor little Ben Cherington got his feelings hurt in the process, he will survive.  

I can only imagine the interview questions thrown at Bobby V. from Lucchino.  How will you handle Josh Beckett?  What will you do if you find someone drinking beer during the game?  How will you earn the respect from the other pitchers while putting Beckett in his place?  So on and so forth.  How successful will the Bobby Valentine era be, will play out in time, but he is coming after Beckett first and foremost.  The question is, will Beckett welcome Valentine with open arms or is he going to dig in and fight his new manager?  With a personality like Bobby V’s, Beckett should do the smart thing and want to get along with his new manger and prove that he is still the Ace of this staff.  

It is ass kickin’ time for this Boston team and the first ass to get kicked will be Becketts.    Because, that is what Larry Lucchino wants and it is obvious by now that what ever Larry wants, Larry gets.  

I can only imagine Beckett thinking that this was all a bad dream.  Actually Josh your nightmare is just beginning.   Time to grow up and act like a real leader on this team.

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